Campus Student Loan Servicing

A Fresh New Perspective
Companies that been around for decades have technology and methods that have been around for decades. We offer a fresh new perspective that meet student borrowers where they are and communicates the way they expect to communicate. Gone are the days of coupon books, check-in-the-box due diligence and expensive skip-trace service upgrades that only seem to produce more return mail. Thos minimum requirments are good but too often, particularly for the larger billing services, that's where it ends. A one size fits all solution. With AEA, every client is a 'full-service' client. We will never charge you more to get our best effort. We will also never charge you for data conversion or programming. We believe that chosing us should be eh easiest thing you do.

• Cohort Account Management 
• Default Prevention Programs
• Loan and Tuition Payment Plans 
• Next-generation Payment Solutions
• Automated Reporting 
• Customized Letters & Payment Portals
• Student Contact Center & 24/7 IVR
• Lock Box & Payment Processing
• Ringless Voicemail Delivery
• Electronic Billing Texting & Email
• Collections Placement and Management