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We believe choice and competition are the keys to providing an excellent student experience through your billing service. American Education Assets (AEA) was started in 2015 for exactly that reason. As billing services were exiting the business, or being bought, sold, or merged with larger organizations (some based outside the United States) we saw an opportunity to enter the market and change it in the process.

Our Business Family

ARI is the parent company of AR Billing Services and American Education Assets - together we can tackle billing and staffing challenges, data entry, ah hoc services and more.

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AR Billing Services provides self-pay management solutions through our Patient Contact Center, supported by world-class service, a Patient first approach and cutting-edge technology.

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AEA excels in full service student receivable solutions. That includes, Campus Loan Servicing, higher education balances and more. Is it time to make a change?

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